Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Member Spotlight: Linda Hope

 Each month we have a "Member Spotlight" which gives CAMQG members an opportunity to share their quilting experience.  One of the Member Spotlights at the December meeting was from Linda Hope. 

Even though Linda started sewing as a kid, she started quilting just this past summer!  She says that everything she tries is a new learning experience.

Linda mentioned that even though she has to limit some of her activities due to medical issues, quilting is something that she can do.

Linda loves handwork, including embroidery.  At the meeting she shared a piece of "chicken scratch" embroidery with the group and her Grandmother's feedsack quilt.

As a little girl, she remembers her grandmother's quilting frame in the front room, and she couldn't wait until she was old enough to quilt too.  Welcome to the club, Linda!

Interested in joining the fun?  New members are always welcome, contact us at CapitalAreaMQG@gmail.com

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