Monday, November 13, 2017

CAMQG October Sew And Tell Highlights

 Beth shared her orange and green charity quilt which she is considering sending to Las Vegas as the Las Vegas Modern Quilt Guild asked for donations.

Amy's mother knitted a beautiful pair of socks for Mary Ellen.

Mary Ellen showed us one of three T-shirt quilts she is making for a family of one of her Girl Scouts whose father passed away. 

Mary Ellen also showed us 2 projects she made at Quilt Camp.

 Debby enjoys the Advent season and made an Advent calendar for her granddaughter.

Leslie made a postage stamp quilted pillow while attending the Latort Quilt Retreat.

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Monday, October 23, 2017

CAMQG October Group Project Updates

 Great progress has been made on this year's group projects! 

The top of the wonky red, white and blue star charity quilt is finished this will be given to a local Veteran through the Quilts of Valor quilt program. Pat reports she has blue fabric for the back. She needs someone to provide the batting and then quilt and bind it.

 The top of the paper pieced modern block quilt completed by the guild is finished. Pat is looking for someone to purchase batting for the quilt and then for someone to quilt and bind it. This will also be donated when completed.

Our third group quilt project will be a "Pick-Up Sticks"quilt which will be raffled off at the December meeting for members who participated in the guild quilts. Pat demonstrated how to construct the modern block and provided a handout for sewing this modern block for our 3rd quilt. Each block should be 12.5 inches. The group agreed to not trimming the blocks to the final size but to trim any long tails. Blocks should be brought to the November and December meetings.

The full October meeting minutes can be found here.  CAMQG meets on the third Tuesday of the month in the community rooms in the Camp Hill Giant.  Please email for more information.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

CAMQG September Meeting Updates

The minutes from the September meeting are available here.

Our members have been busy this month!  We saw many projects in the popular Sew and Tell section of our meeting:

Pat says that this is her “standard donation quilt”. It is made from five pinks and four grays, and is quilted with a breast cancer ribbon pattern.  She also recommends checking out the teal mini-swap, which she participated in this year. Look for it on Facebook and think about participating next year!

Barb says that she really likes to embroider, and many of her quilts include embroidery. She bought this Red Riding Hood pattern a few years ago, and made a few changes including taking out some outlining, and added some embellishment.

Amy says, “I showed this partially done, but now it is actually done!”

Mary Ellen made this small art quilt when the hurricane was coming, saying that she did it to keep busy and not be worried.  She saw this pattern when she was taking a class at a quilt show, and this was a class next door.  The mosaic shapes are made from a variety of fabrics and 2-sided adhesive.  There is a tulle overlay that you quilt over the top.

Marla made this quilt for her 8-year-old grandson, with fabric ordered from Japan.  The fabric is special because it features characters from Japanese books he likes.  She thought the fabric was pretty busy, so she added gray to tone is down.

Debbie was in Alaska for three weeks this summer.  Her tradition is to pick a souvenir of either yarn or fabric. On this trip she selected these laser cut salmon and then made two table runners because two salmon came in the package.

Gay just took this Halloween quilt off the longarm.  She says that she is all ready for Halloween, she just needs a broom!

Melanie says that she loves Atkinson Design patterns because they are so fabric efficient.

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Friday, August 18, 2017

CAMQG August Updates

The minutes from the August business meeting can be found here.  Barb also shared some ideas for how to create modern quilts from jelly rolls.

Our members have been busy sewing this summer!

Up first Amy shared a lovely quilt that started last October.  She says that it involved a lot of precision sewing...and lots of ripping!  She plans to give it to her mom for her 80th birthday.

Mary Ellen shared her improv sampler.  It is quilted and almost finished!  She also shared a t-shirt quilt she made for the son of a friend for his high school graduation.  She used interfacing to stabilize the t-shirts, which made the quilt very heavy.

Lois shared a lovely leaf quilt that she made from a quilt.  The leaves are raw edge applique, and she used paper-backed fusible and cut the center out, then machine blanket stitched.  She says she is glad to finally have it done!

Sigrid shared a paper pieced zebra pillow that will go on her gray couch.  Everyone oohed and ahhed over the bright colors!

Karen made a bag that feature inside pockets and straight line quilting.  The fabric features a bunny hopping through the tulips.

Marla shared two paper piece blocks, and says that she likes how they turned out.

Cindy shared a Row by Row made from a kit from a quilt shop in Virginia.  She says she's surprised that she actually finished it!

Dawn went to longarm certification and shared a sample of her quilting that she made from a pantograph.  She did a great job for her first time, and you could see her improvement as she got a little practice!  She also shared a jelly roll quilt and says that she will practice quilting on it.

Gay says she is on a roll with table toppers.  She shared several of these - one was made from a charm pack, another from a mini-charm pack, and another featured hexagons that had different quilting in each hexie.

Ann shared a mini-quilt that she didn't get done in time from the Riley Blake Challenge, which is why she started it.  It features all Riley Blake fabrics.

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Sunday, July 9, 2017

June CAMQG Sew and Tell

What have our members been up to this summer?

Jamie is new to paper piecing, but made two paper pieced blocks. She also created several microwave bowls made some out of a layer cake.  She made several table runners and says she still needs to work on binding technique!


Cindy made two paper pieced blocks for the guild sew-along - she likes how the colors on one turned out, but not other other one.  


Mary Ellen share the second of 3 memory quilts for a family that had parents that died.  The quilts are made out of the parents' old clothes – some of the cotton with spandex was challenging to work with!


Pat, Donna and Debra each made paper pieced blocks for the guild sew-along.  Debra is pictured here with her block.


Karen showed a wallhanging of lotus flower for minister that is leaving to go to another church.  She also made a baby quilt – for her grandson that will be born on Monday! She told us she's going to miss the July meeting because she’s going to be taking care of the baby.


Nancy showed a customer quilt because it is beautiful and unusual.  What you can't see in the picture is that the black fabrics are a variety of tone-on-tone prints that adds lovely detail. 


Sarah (Nancy’s friend) showed a quilt she made from a Craftsy pattern.  There was a mistake in the pattern, so she told the story of how she had to call the company to resolve the issue.  Her quilt still has a "mistake" in it, but we couldn't tell!

Members are reminded to bring their fundraising ideas and paper pieced blocks to the next meeting.

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Friday, May 19, 2017

Sew and Tell from CAMQG May Meeting

What have CAMQG members been up to?  During the regular meeting each month there is time set aside for members to share what they have worked on during the month.

Amy shared a wool felt candle mat work-in-progress.  She says that she was able to sew on several pansies in just one night, but the real challenge will be getting it finished!

 Janet showed a beautiful quilt that was nearly finished except for the binding.  She said she loves to incorporate surprises into each quilt that she makes, but perhaps the most surprising thing that she shared was that she only has two projects in progress at any given time!

It was fun for the entire group to see what Cindy brought.  A few months ago she won all the blocks from the group sew.  This month she brought the quilt top to share!  Everyone had fun looking for the blocks that they made.

Melanie shared a story about an unfinished project from about 15 years ago.  She pulled it out shortly before Mother's Day and finally finished it up to give it to her mom.  She shared the story because it showed how much she has learned about quilting in the past 15 years.  The quilt was already with her mother in Wisconsin, so she shared a picture of the wall hanging.

Gay is a new member who brought two quilted projects.  She asked if the group thought that they were modern, which prompted many replies from the peanut gallery.  When she finished saying, someone piped up with the comment, "She's modern and didn't know it!"

Nancy shared a beautiful quilt top and asked us to see if we could find her mistake - and no one could!  Once she pointed it out to the group, many tried to convince her to leave it.  But she remains resolute to fixing it!  Can you spot the "mistake"?

Mary Ellen was excited to share a memory quilt that she had made for someone else.  A daughter had requested memory quilts to be made from her parents' clothing.  It was hard for Mary Ellen because her dad wore some of the same styles of shirts that she sewed into the quilt, which was very hard for her.  The back was made from fabric from the mother's stash.  Mary Ellen says that she still has several more memory quilts to work on.

Dawn shared a tuffet that she made at the Lancaster quilt show using fabrics from her daughter's quilt.  She said that she thought the class was pretty expensive, but the materials for the tuffet were very good quality and would last a long time.

Adventures with Paper Piecing

The next group project for CAMQG involves paper pieced blocks.  All the blocks will be put together into a charity quilt.  For each block that a member makes, they will win a chance to win a group sew prize at the end of the year. 

Pat gave the group a quick paper piecing tutorial
At the past meeting, many members indicated that they had paper pieced in the past.  If you are new to paper piecing, or need a refresher, check out this quick tutorial for paper piecing from the Craftsy blog.

Just a reminder to add a quarter inch seam allowance for each of the block patterns passed out at the meeting.

Make your blocks in any color scheme of your choice, but keep in mind that all fabrics should be solid.  Bring your blocks to either the June or July meeting.

For all the happenings from the May meeting, please refer to the May meeting minutes

Are you interested in paper piecing with us?  New members are always welcome to join the Capital Area Modern Quilt Guild, contact us at

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

CAMQG March 2017 Meeting

The CAMQG gathered in the community rooms of the Camp Hill Giant on March 21, 2017 for the regular monthly meeting.  Read the meeting minutes for a full account of the meeting.

In February, guild members received instructions for a specific 12 inch quilt block (see the February meeting post for more detail).  At the March meeting members brought the blocks they constructed over the course of the month - see some of them in the photo to the left! For each block submitted the member received a chance to win all the blocks.  One of our new members won all the blocks.  Congratulations, Cindy!

There is another Group Sew project this month.  If you would like to participate but misplaced your handout, find it here.  The more blocks you make, the more chances you have to win!

Would you like to join in our Group Sew projects?  New members are always welcome, contact us at

Sunday, March 19, 2017

What have CAMQG members been up to?

Sew and Tell is an opportunity for CAMQG members to share what they have been working on over the past month.  Here are some pictures and highlights from members from the February meeting.  Click here to read the minutes from the February meeting. 

Joanna has a goal of getting some unfinished projects done. This project was made with blocks started at the Lancaster quilt show a few years ago.  She used the project to practice custom quilting instead of edge-to-edge designs.  Unfortunately, the quilt top is already so busy that you can't really see the quilting!  
 The second project Joanna showed features wedding photos that you might not normally get framed.  She printed them on her home printer and then created a quilt top in the wedding colors.  She plans to custom quilt this project, after all that practice on the last quilt!

Donna Lohman had many projects to share at Sew and Tell this month - she told us that she sews for about six hours a every day!   The first quilt  Donna showed is a quilt with a beachy feel that she made for her daughter-in-law.  She also  made matching little quilts for their two dogs. 

Last year Donna participated in the 365 Challenge, which involved making a quilt block every day for a year.  The patterns come each day via email, and it is free to participate.  Donna's quilting has 10,865 pieces in it, which she knows because she sat down and counted all the pieces! 

Mary Ellen showed us a pumpkin table runner that she started at quilt camp two years ago at Grace Baptist Church.  She also showed a sample she made for quilt camp, which was the first quilt where she used monofilament thread.

The day before the meeting Mary Ellen went to a workshop on wool felting on the machine which she says is much easier and quicker than doing it by hand.

Mary Ellen also showed us what she received through the Modern Mini Swap – she received a hexie quilt from North Carolina.

Beth also showed the mini she received through the swap - a colorful wall hanging featuring improvisational piecing and straight line quilting.

Linda showed us a little quilt featuring several 16-patch blocks, which she says is the first quilt she has made with really small pieces. Linda also brought some sunbonnets and other items made from feedsacks by her grandmother.

Jamie showed the group her second quilt, which she made for her dad’s 75th birthday.  She went to her first quilt show in September, where she bought charm packs and a panel.  She quilted it herself on her Brother machine – she tried both stitching in the ditch and free motion quilting.  She also made two dog bandanas for her father's dog, and a little one for the cat! 

Melanie shared two minis she made from Thimble Blossom patterns.  She says that she likes making minis for two reasons - she doesn't have a lot of time to quilt, and because she has a good place to display them in her office.

Dawn showed a Valentine’s day quilt.  She shared how she bought the 10” squares on sale after Valentine's Day last year, and then bought the red Kona to go in between.

Have quilt projects you'd like to share?  New members are always welcome to CAMQG, contact us at