Friday, September 19, 2014

Name Tag Challenge

CAMQG members are in for a fun challenge!

At our September meeting this week we issued a challenge to the CAMGQ members, to make a quilted Name Tags! Over the next few weeks, I'll be posting some tutorials, and inspiration pictures of some of the awseome quilted name tags out there!Can't wait to see some, pop on over to this pinterest board!

Want to play along? Here are the guidelnes:
Name Tags are due at the Tuesday, October 21st meeting and will be placed on display at the beginning of the meeting for everyone to admire

Name Tags must include:
  • your name 
  • at least 1 hexagon, in honor of our logo
  • should integrate some or all of our logo colorways- bright green, teal, turquoise, light purple, hot pink, yellow  

Incorporate at least one modern quilting aesthetics:
  • negative space/minimalism
  • alternative grid work
  • improv piecing
  • use of solid fabric, bold colors and prints
There are soooo many possibilities!  If you work on a name tag, we'd love to see your progress! snap a photo and post it on the CAMQG facebook page! 

Happy Quilting!
Capital Area Modern Quilt Guild 

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