Thursday, June 20, 2013

Caitlin's Smiles Sewing Day

As a young guild we still have a lot of firsts, but this past Saturday was a particularly great one as we gathered for our first charity sewing day (hosted by the very generous folks at Smile Spinners). 

We're lucky to be neighbors with a pretty amazing organization called Caitlin's Smiles who distributed over 10,000 "Bags of Smiles" to children facing serious illness in the hospital.  The bags are filled with games, toys, and craft kits to help make the time in the hospital go just a little bit faster.  Their mission is amazing, as is the story behind it, and they share it beautifully in this video, if you're interested in learning more.  

Twenty six bags have already been delivered and we hope to at least double that with some home sewing follow up. 

The next big first for the CAMQG is a members quilt exhibition, so stay tuned for more details on where you can see some of member's awesome work in person this fall!

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