Friday, May 19, 2017

Sew and Tell from CAMQG May Meeting

What have CAMQG members been up to?  During the regular meeting each month there is time set aside for members to share what they have worked on during the month.

Amy shared a wool felt candle mat work-in-progress.  She says that she was able to sew on several pansies in just one night, but the real challenge will be getting it finished!

 Janet showed a beautiful quilt that was nearly finished except for the binding.  She said she loves to incorporate surprises into each quilt that she makes, but perhaps the most surprising thing that she shared was that she only has two projects in progress at any given time!

It was fun for the entire group to see what Cindy brought.  A few months ago she won all the blocks from the group sew.  This month she brought the quilt top to share!  Everyone had fun looking for the blocks that they made.

Melanie shared a story about an unfinished project from about 15 years ago.  She pulled it out shortly before Mother's Day and finally finished it up to give it to her mom.  She shared the story because it showed how much she has learned about quilting in the past 15 years.  The quilt was already with her mother in Wisconsin, so she shared a picture of the wall hanging.

Gay is a new member who brought two quilted projects.  She asked if the group thought that they were modern, which prompted many replies from the peanut gallery.  When she finished saying, someone piped up with the comment, "She's modern and didn't know it!"

Nancy shared a beautiful quilt top and asked us to see if we could find her mistake - and no one could!  Once she pointed it out to the group, many tried to convince her to leave it.  But she remains resolute to fixing it!  Can you spot the "mistake"?

Mary Ellen was excited to share a memory quilt that she had made for someone else.  A daughter had requested memory quilts to be made from her parents' clothing.  It was hard for Mary Ellen because her dad wore some of the same styles of shirts that she sewed into the quilt, which was very hard for her.  The back was made from fabric from the mother's stash.  Mary Ellen says that she still has several more memory quilts to work on.

Dawn shared a tuffet that she made at the Lancaster quilt show using fabrics from her daughter's quilt.  She said that she thought the class was pretty expensive, but the materials for the tuffet were very good quality and would last a long time.

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